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Thank you for your interest in providing services to participants in the Texas Self-Directed Care (SDC) program. Texas SDC is a 2-year pilot program of the Texas Department of State Health Services. SDC participants are adults with serious mental illnesses who have direct control of public funds and use them to purchase services and supports for their own recovery. By enrolling in the program's Provider Network, you have an opportunity to reach clients who are highly motivated to use your services because they have chosen you as their provider.

As an SDC provider, you will be directly responsible to the individual who hires you. This person has the final say in what services are used and also has the authority to terminate your provider relationship. As a provider, you also must agree to promote individual recovery, as defined by the participant, to the fullest extent possible.

Provider information is published online in the program's Provider Network Directory and made available to all program members and the SDC staff who help them select providers. Click here to see the current Provider Network Directory. In order to enroll, we ask that you complete an application form that you can access by clicking here.

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