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Eligibility Checklist

Individual Statement of Rights

Grievance Procedure

Release of Information

Personal Information Sheet

Income Information

Authorization to Use Participant Likeness

Notice of Privacy Practices

HIPPA Consent

Disclosure Log

Enrollment Agreement

Person-Centered Planning and Budgeting

Overview of the Person-Centered Planning Process

Making Your Dream List

Person Centered Plan

Personal Life History Form

Personal Relapse Prevention

Emergency Budget Change Form

Guidelines for SDC Debit Card Use

Allow Card Receipt Form

Optional Activities

Who Am I?

Self-Evaluation for Goal Planning

The Pros and Cons of a New Goal or Life Change

Self Care

Using Wellness Recovery Action Planning

My Positive and Negative Emotions

Dealing With Setbacks

Balancing Your Life

What if You’re Having a Problem with a Goal?

On-Line Discussion Forum Guidelines

On-Line Discussion Forum Instructions

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